Sunday, May 4, 2008

More of the same

Apparently Saturday nights are just tough at AUC - I had another no-sleeper!! I don't mind the true emergencies - what get on my nerves are the people who call in and then wait hours before showing up!! Like the twit that called at 11:30pm, saying that her beagle was in labor, and then showed up at 2:30am with a sac hanging out of her vulva, demanding a c-section. We did it, and it cost her $1,500; it's not good to piss me off!

I slept for 2 hrs after I got home, then Chris called; he apologized for being cranky this morning when I called (at his request) to make sure he was awake so he could move his car - no problem, but then I was wide awake. B was supposed to be back early from Goldsboro, so I freaked out seeing that it was 1pm and he was nowhere to be found; he didn't answer his phone, so then my exhausted mind was worrying that he had had an accident on the way home. But, by the time I got done brushing my teeth, he was calling back; he was late leaving G'boro b/c he figured I was sleeping anyway; he urged me to go BACK to sleep for a bit since I have to work days all this coming week. I dozed off just as I heard him come in the front door, and was out COLD until 6pm!! He made me dinner and now we're just chillin' out. I've got the laundry about done and need to make the boys packing lists so we can get everything together this week - I'm sure we'll need to do some shopping before we leave - I don't think that Little Man has any beach shoes and he may need a new pair of swim trunks; who knows what First Born will need?? Middle Child just got a bunch of new clothes, but he WILL need some flip flops or sandals or something of that sort.

We leave on Saturday evening to head for Tampa; we'll drive until fairly late at night and then stay in a hotel - that way we won't have to get up at the crack of dawn to head out. We can board the ship as early as 1:30pm, but there's no reason to get to Tampa too early though I guess we COULD go out to lunch or something...

Once we get back from the cruise, it's just a matter of a few days until our Nuchal!! I live for these little milestones! I'm doing alright in between, but as we get closer and closer to reaching 15 weeks, I feel less and less anxious. I still worry, from time to time, that the Doodle-bops will just fade away, but M is checking on her with the Doppler and she seems to be doing great!! We'll be 13 wks exactly at the Nuchal and there's a possibility that we MAY be able to determine gender! Oooh... think P-I-N-K!!