Friday, May 9, 2008

It was STUPID of me to think...

... that working this entire week was a good idea!! I am frazzled, to say the least!! WHEN am I going to get the packing done?? WHEN am I going to get the house cleaned?? HOW am I ever going to find the time to get ready for this "vacation"?? I'm going to have First Born drop the dogs at the kennel because I just don't have the time to do it. I'm working all day, out of town, and then have to come home and do laundry, do dishes, etc. I am T-I-R-E-D!! No, scratch that... I'm exhausted (I'm even too tired to back up and put that in all caps). Oh, well... I surely do love B, but he seems to want a SAHW, yet he wants me to carry a full time job as well. I'm good, but not THAT good!

Luckily I did think to write out packing lists for the boys - Little Man and Middle Child have both pulled all of their clothes and have lists of what they're lacking so we can go shopping tomorrow after I get off work; First Born has been procrastinating in true teenage style, but has been told that he MUST have it done before I get home tomorrow. I'm sure he'll do it - he's just not gonna do it until the last minute! Typical for him... I guess that I'll try to get my own clothes packed after we get back from Walmart; not sure when B's going to pack his clothes, but I suppose I'll leave that to him to figure out. He'll probably want to take his own bag anyway - for whatever reason he doesn't seem to like to share with me. Whatever, dude... I don't have time to worry about petty shit like that.

Back to the work issue... I've had about enough of Dr. What's-His-Name and hope that I can get things worked out soon at AUC, 'cause I think my time at CCAH is drawing to a close. I love so much about it, but I just don't deal with him well - and his decision to schedule 3 surgeries for himself, on MY big surgery day, so he could come down and contaminate one of the surgery suites, leaving me with only one to work out of - smack in the middle of the day, no less... well, you could say that it pissed me off royally! Of course, me being me, I made NO bones about it - even he knew I was pissed and was smart enough to not speak to me and to leave me the hell alone. Seems like HE'S planning on staying at CCAH, but it's not entirely clear whether or not J is "reading from the same sheet of music" to quote Dr. K himself.

M seems to feel fine, though she hasn't attempted the Doppler in the last few days. Uh, hello!! WHAT?!? I'd be checking in on the Doodle-bops every single day... whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop... ok, you're doing alright - check in on you tomorrow!! She's altogether too calm for me - but then, that calmness has also kept me sane for the last 9 weeks, so it's not all bad!! We're about out of the high risk stage - our risk of m/c now is down in the single digits, so I think we're just about clear!! I can't wait until the nuchal! I hope we can determine gender; of course, that's a double edged sword of sorts, because the only way to really "know" that early is if it's a boy, and we both feel that this is a girl - but I think that's 'cause I already have 3 boys and so naturally WANT a daughter. Honestly, I'll be thrilled with any flavor of baby...

Well, I'm going to bed, 'cause morning comes entirely too early these days!!