Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I made it through another day!

Tomorrow is our next beta... I think I'm holding it together rather well - I'm not freaking out or anything!! At least not so anyone would know it!!

R is getting on my last damn nerve about the bills from her D&E though... I've finally decided that no contact is the best idea at this point. I've made it clear that I want the itemization - never at any time have I said that I don't think I should pay the bill or that I'm not going to pay the bill - in fact, I've said that I will pay it just as soon as I get the itemization. Why is this so difficult?? Why must she continue to try to make me feel like I'm in the wrong here?! Today she pointed out that she went through "so much" for us - and now she just wants this to be over! Yeah, well, so do I, but that does NOT mean that I will just blindly pay out the ass to make that happen! She actually told me today that a D&E is a more invasive and complicated procedure than an appendectomy. I'm sorry... did she just *forget* that I'm a doctor and not an idiot? Well, as I said, she's had the last word from me - if she gets me the itemization, I will pay it; if not... oh, well... she'll have to take me to court though I think she'll look pretty stupid in front of a judge when she has to explain that I didn't have the "right" to see the itemization of the bill that she wanted me to pay. I could be wrong, but I'll take that chance.

Nothing much else going on... I've again taken on too much in the way of work - for whatever reason I feel the need to "solve" everyone else's problems - but that will quiet down a bit after May, so I'll suck it up until then. By then, I should have an idea whether or not I like working in Sanford... if not, then I'll cut that out of my schedule altogether. I DO like AUC, even though the shifts are long, long, long, so I don't want to quit there - and I always LOVED CCAH - I really regretted leaving there, but now I've been given another chance, so I want to take advantage of that. I just can't work this much long term - but right now I need to build back up our reserves because, to be quite honest, right now we're hurting.