Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today there was a hamster crisis at home which B dealt with reluctantly. I hated it that I couldn't be there for Little Man, or at least keep B from having to deal with it 'cause he doesn't care too much for rodents - but there wasn't much that I could do from El Salvador!!

Apparently Sheath had 2 babies a few days ago and then she and Link escaped from the cage. It was a couple of days before they realized there was a jail break, and it took them hours to find the little bastards.... of course, both of the babies were dead by that point, so Little Man was crying about it. When they put the adults back in the cage, they started fighting, so now 1 of them is in the little school bus transport cage. I told B to tell my son to keep them separated until I get home. Sheath needs a little post-partum time alone then we'll reintroduce them - I figure we'll have another litter within 6 weeks (or less). I just hate that it happened... especially with me so far away, but I'm glad that B dealt with it as well as he did!1 When he called to "update" me, his first words were "it's a good thing that I love you so much!"