Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chinchillas aren't supposed to be breeding fiends!

This morning, this beautiful Saturday morning on Easter weekend, I was snuggled down into my pillows and determined to sleep in... but Little Man crashed through the door at 715am proclaiming that Twinkle had given birth and Middle Child needs me. So, I dragged out of bed, fearing the worst - after all I just discovered last night that the "rat" was pregnant again - so now I'm scared to death that I squeezed too hard and caused her to abort - but the little bugger is moving around and seems to be fine. He's a lovely silver color like his mama -

Figures that she had to go and give birth just after I bought brand new carpet for their cage - couldn't have had the baby on the nasty carpet that we were going to throw away!! Inconsiderate rat! LOL I think she purposely waited for me to get new carpeting!!

He must have just been born when they found him, because he was dark and wet and very unsteady on his little tiny feet. About half an hour later, as I'm making breakfast for everyone, Middle Child comes into the kitchen holding an aborted fetus - looks like it was about half baked - so Twinkle was apparently pregnant with twins, but one stopped developing. He buried it out in the backyard.

An hour or so later, breakfast eaten and cleaned up, Little Man comes into my room to tell me that Twinkle either had another baby or "just laid a really big turd". Such classy language my boys have!! I figured it was probably a placenta, but went to check it out - it was a third baby chin!! This one a little less developed than the twin was - I didn't know that chins were prone to triplets!! But, it was obvious from looking at it that it was a chinchilla and not a placenta or a "turd" as my lovely boys suspected. Guess Binki is uber fertile!

Right now we have Binki and Twinkle separated because Middle Child feels that Twinkle is more interested in playing with Binki than she is in caring for their son - so he wants to separate them until Monday. They're not fighting this time (or I guess I should say that Twink is not beating the crap out of Binki this time, since he never does seem to turn on her), but she runs off after him and leaves the baby unattended. We've already lined the bottom of the cage with cardboard to prevent escapes... don't need a repeat of the debacle with Houdini. Middle Child hasn't named this little one yet, but he has made it clear that we will be neutering him and keeping him forever and ever, and that any future babies that Twink and Binki have will be sold. He only wants 3 chins. Thank God!!