Monday, March 24, 2008

Apparently the lab techs did not understand that they were processing MY test today...

... because certainly they would have been more expedient if they had only known! LOL

M went in this a.m. to have the beta drawn. I called our coordinator at 11:00 but the results weren't back yet. She promised to call me as soon a they came in, but I'm NOT the most patient person (yeah, I know... big shocker, huh?). I called M at 3:30pm but she hadn't checked the voice mail system - she said that they told her "after 4" and like the good little girl she is, she was not obsessively calling for messages that weren't there yet. I told her to get on that because I was giving NCCRM until 4pm to call me then I was going to call back and go ballistic.

Strangely enough, as it neared 4pm, and I decided to give them 5 more minutes..... my phone rang. It was said coordonator. Our beta today was..... 488.... entirely too low to be multiples IMHO (but you never "know" 'til the u/s, right? I've heard that there is a theory that FETs are slower to produce hCG -- which kinda/sorta makes sense given that the embabies WERE immersed in liquid nitrogen -- so the values tend to be slightly lower than fresh transfers at the same stage... but you know how those theories go - half fact and half fiction usually). The only thing that really matters is what the level does between now and Wednesday - as long as it doubles, we're in the clear :) All of this waiting is going to drive me insane! I've been very calm and confident about this cycle, but now that we're dealing in absolute values -- I'm a bundle of nerves... again.

First u/s will be 4 weeks from today, according to what they told M this afternoon. She waited until just now (5:45pm) to call me - didn't know that the clinic had already called me with the beta; guess she just now called into her voice mail. Remind me to kick her in the ass later for that!! LOL