Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy news!!

On a positive note, I finally got my Army issued cell phone to work and was able to call B. Apparently, despite my conversation with our coordinator about my being gone, I got a bill today for $1300 for the FET. Thank God he opened it, which is unusual for him because he generally steadfastly refuses to open anything that is solely in my name. Anyway, he's going to pay it so we don't lose this cycle. We're scheduled to transfer March 10th!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last minute preparations

I spent most of today packing and doing laundry, though I did actually cook brunch and dinner for B; I took Binki over to M's house so Middle Child can take care of him - I hope he doesn't end up having to have that foot amputated! He's in his old cage right now, and immediately jumped on the wheel and started running... maybe the PT will be good for that leg - help get the circulation going...

M started her period at the end of last week, so we're on the way to transfer! She's started the meds and NCCRM has her scheduled to transfer on Monday the 10th, so I'm going to miss that, but at least I'll also be busy for the first week of the dreaded 2ww! I think that maybe we should skip the pee sticks altogether and just wait for the beta. It's just so stressful and changes nothing, kwim?? We'll see... I'm feeling fairly calm, though maybe it's just because I believe this is "meant to be" - I think there's a reason we've gone through what we have, but I've always really wanted my sister to carry the baby, so... this is perfect :)

Saturday I picked up a last minute shift at AUC and First Born came with me so that he could see T. He saw me on SMO (it was really slow in the morning) and asked what SMO was, then what a surrogate was, then why I was looking at that, etc. I ended up telling him about our plans, but did stress that HE is not to tell ANYONE about it, 'cause his brothers don't know, my parents don't know, and right now I want to keep it that way. He said that it doesn't affect him because he doesn't live at home any more.... I just told him that I don't want us having kids at the same time!

R sent me about $9000 in bills from the 2nd D&E - she claims that her insurance found out this was a surrogacy pregnancy and denied the claims... rrrriiiiiggggghhhhhtttttt. I told her that she'd better plan on fighting that, 'cause the bills are all in HER name, not mine, and I'm NOT paying more than the 20% that I should have to pay. I know she doesn't give a shit how much this costs me, but I'll just walk away and leave her with the bills if she doesn't make sure that the insurance pays their fair share. I doubt that she'd just pay the bills without fighting them! What really amazes me is that the first D&E cost a total of $2000, and I ended up paying about $300. Why in the HELL did the 2nd D&E cost $9000?!? I told her that I'd have to have itemized bills before I pay anything; she didn't seem to understand why I felt that was necessary... but, if she wants me to pay ANY of the hospital bills, I want the itemization in hand so I can go over it. She said that she would request them and go over them; that's fine, but I'm not paying a dime until I get to see them myself... I'm having trouble figuring out why she's being so difficult all of a sudden, but I guess she's just ready to move on and doesn't feel like dealing with this anymore. Sorry, hon... I'm not rich and I'm not an idiot, and I'm not paying a cent more than I HAVE to!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Take a deep breath and let it out s-l-o-w-l-y...

First Born got his first speeding ticket last night. He was late, late, late leaving T's house - he called me after 10pm and told me he was getting ready to leave and needed to go by his dad's house first then was coming here. I gave up on him at midnight and went to bed. Apparently he showed up shortly thereafter and couldn't get in - for whatever reason, his key didn't work. Lovely... oh, well... I called him about 12:30am to make sure everything was ok, and he was driving up to Raleigh. He failed to tell me about the ticket - his dad called me this morning.

Apparently he was pulled by a Sheriff's deputy. You have to be going damned FAST for the Sheriff to care about it. He called for back up and 4 cops showed up to search First Born's car for drugs, weapons and whatever else they look for. They didn't find anything and ended up letting him go with a ticket for doing 80 in a 55. Well, that's mandatory loss of license! First Born had the gall to tell his dad that he was really going about 90. M then informed me that the Mustang has a built in cushion and our son was REALLY doing about 100 if the speedometer said 90! That's just unacceptable!! He's going to have to get an attorney to deal with this, and he's going to have to pay for it. I think we're also going to take his car away for a few weeks - let him be stranded at school for a while - maybe that will sink in. I'm also going to tell him that he needs to look for a job... he gave no thought whatsoever as to what this will do to his already outrageously high insurance. I guess, as hard as it is, it's time to "cut the apron strings" and force him to grow up. He wants to call the shots for himself and act like an adult - so now he'll have to accept the responsibility and face the consequences of his actions. I told him today that he can't have it both ways - he can't "do his own thing" and expect his father and I to just pay the bills and bail him out. I was very angry this morning because if he had blown a tire or hit a chunk of asphalt last night while he was flying down the road, his dad and I might be identifying his body and choosing a casket today - and that's totally unacceptable!

Not much going on with the surrogacy right now - we're just waiting on M's cycle to start. IVP Care called me last week and got the billing information for her drugs - that $12/month prescription rider paid off!! It reduced the bill from nearly $1000 to less than $500!! I hope the health insurance turns out to be as useful! But, we're already way ahead... that single incident saved us more than the premium I've paid to date! Can't complain! Anyway, we're still on line to transfer in another 3-4 weeks!!! I can't wait!

I sorted through all the baby clothes that I've been hoarding and got them packed into Rubbermaid containers - now I have to figure out where to hide them! LOL Maybe in the attic... I just need to get them out of the bedroom - there's too much junk lying around in here! We desperately need a bigger house! Middle Child did surprise me yesterday by telling me that he doesn't want to move into First Born's room!! He wants to stay in his room! WTF?! So, after the summer, when First Born goes back to school, I may turn his room into MY room - I need some place for my craft stuff. He can still sleep there when he's home, but I'm tired of not being able to do anything because I have no where to do it...

I'm still trying to kick the tail end of this "flu" or whatever it was... I feel alright, just still a little congested, but I get worn out SO easily! It's most frustrating because I feel like I never get anything done and I have NO motivation... I desperately need to get the tax information together before I leave, and I keep putting it off!! I need to go buy a new file cabinet and redo all my files; I also promised that I'd give B my desk - I really don't need it - the little roll top is plenty big enough for bill paying and the only other thing I need is a new file cabinet!! Maybe I'll drag my ass through the shower and go see about that! The boys conned me about school today - they convinced me that they didn't have to go and I didn't check (seems they checked online, but they were looking at the schedule for schools in FL, not NC! How convenient...) so I have to go out to take them to their dad's anyway... Once I get started, I'll get it done! It's always that first step that's a bitch!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My current dilemma -

Now I have 2 full time job offers... geez, why does this have to be SO hard?? I REALLY like Dr. M and his wife - they seem GREAT - but I think I'm going to end up working a whole lot harder for him that I necessarily want to. He wants me to work 4 days/week plus every other Saturday, AND they want me to answer the emergency pager and potentially see emergencies (which to be fair, they have left that totally up to me, I can do it or not). They offer some benefits, but most of the ones that have any monetary value would come out of the comp they have offered me - it's a total "comp pkg" and I can decide how much is salary and how much is pre-paid benefits like memberships, CE, insurances, etc. He wants me to sign a contract that I won't work for anyone else, and I'm not huge on doing that. I really don't like to be restricted. Besides, I already told Lisa I'd do surgery for them on Wednesdays, so I'd have to back out of that agreement as well.

Then there's the emergency job - only 14 shifts/month and any additional are comped at the current relief rate. Most shifts are at night so if I was lucky and got to snag 4 or 5 hrs of sleep then I could probably get by with just a nap the next day. It would be me and Dr. S full time, so I think he and I could work out the shifts in a way that would be beneficial to both of us - ideally, I'd like to work those nights that I don't have the boys and be off when they're here - like work Monday 6p to Tuesday 8a, then be able to come home, take a nap if I need to and still pick Little Man up from school, then get him off to school Wednesday a.m. before heading over to CCAH. Then I could potentially work on Wednesday after I finish up surgery and do the same routine with Middle Child... I really only need to average 3 nts/week plus an extra 2 shifts to make my required 14 - that shouldn't be too difficult. B hasn't been too much help - after all, it's MY job, so I should decide what I want to do - but even he says that it seems the emergency job is a better deal. The base salary is exactly the same, but it's 14 shifts vs 20 (yes, each individual shift is longer, so hour wise it's probably pretty much the same), but they also have more vacation time (2 wks vs 1 wk), more sick leave (7 days vs 4 days), and they pay licensing, malpractice insurance, health insurance on top of the salary, plus a CE allowance and a clothing allowance.... J (the office manager) is supposed to send me a preliminary employment contract to look over, but unless there's something alarming in that, I think I'm leaning towards the job at AUC. I like the idea of doing more internal medicine cases and less vaccination... and EVERYTHING that comes into AUC has something wrong with it!!

Other than that... I started myself on antibiotics today since I don't seem to be getting any better - figured at this point it can't hurt and I don't want this crap to wreak any further havoc in my chest - I'm croupy sounding as it is!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Just shoot me, please

B was sick when I got home on Saturday and despite his claims that he was trying to keep me from getting it, he managed to pass it right along. Of course, he never bothers to cover his mouth when he coughs, so I fully expected to get sick. I feel awful... I had agreed (before I got sick) to work for Dr. G in F'ville 2 days this week, so I had to suck it up, take lots of meds and go in anyway. My temp is running between 101 and 102 without meds, but I can keep it at about 99 with drugs, so I'm getting by. For some reason, I'm terribly congested today. B is bitching at me that I need to blow my nose, but there's nothing to blow... I'm just congested - I have a tremendous amount of sinus pressure. I took Middle Child to school today then came home and spent the entire day in bed. I have to take the boys to get the passport applications turned in tomorrow, and I took on a shift at AUC on Sunday (8a-8p). I've GOT to figure out what I want to do about work...

L called me today to ask if I wanted to do a long surgery day on Wednesdays. I've been missing CCAH so I agreed. I've got 2 full time offers pending as well as 2 part time possibilities. I'm supposed to go Monday to M's AH for half a day to see how I like it. I really like both the owner and his wife - they want me to work 4 days/week. There is also a FT position open at AUC, and that would be 14 shifts/month - then they pay extra for any additional shifts worked, plus they give 2 weeks paid vacation, 7 "personal" days, CE allowance, clothing allowance, health insurance... and a decent salary. I'll find out on Monday more about what M can offer and then I suppose I'll have to make a decision. ACK!! Why is it always feast or famine??

On the surrogacy front, M has encountered some issues regarding the health insurance. She's having trouble getting anyone to tell her whether or not they accept the insurance that we just got for her. It's rather confusing.... apparently the providers sign up with Multiplan, then Multiplan turns around and "sells" the services to little insurance providers - so supposedly anyone who works with Multiplan will accept insurance from any of these little companies - but she wants assurances, which have been difficult to get thus far. She's persistent though, and I'm sure she'll get an answer in the end!!

We should still be on for a transfer with her next period, which I'm hoping will be shortly after I return from El Salvador. Speaking of which... I just got the packing list from the OIC and I am going to have to do some serious shopping!! Great... just great... duffle bags and liners, mosquito netting and poles, sleeping bag and mat, more t-shirts, more socks, water purification tablets, a pistol belt, first aid kit, etc., etc. Guess next week I will hit the surplus store and then uniform sales. I found a bunch of it on ebay but the shipping charges are crazy; it will probably be more cost effective to get it out at Bragg.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Funny how things "just happen"

I got home from Fort Sam yesterday and was a little worn out from the travel, etc. B's sick - coughing up crap and feeling very lethargic, so he's pretty much bed-bound. I was just chillin' and catching up on my chat groups when my phone rang. It wasn't a number I recognized, but it was local, so I answered it. It was Dr. M from M's Animal Hospital up in Sanford. Seems he kept my resume for relief work from last January and is now in need of some help - his associate decided to open up her own place there in town (hmm... ethical dilemma there, but it's HIS not mine). He's seeking help either in the form of relief work or a permanent position. Talk about timing!! M has some days that she needs covered in April and July, but I might be able to work part time for him. At any rate, we have an interview set up for Tuesday to see if what he and I want/need will match up. I knew things would work out eventually, but didn't really expect it to come together this quickly!!

Not much else going on. I've been very lazy today - I really need to get some laundry done, and maybe take the boys to a movie this afternoon. I have a lot to get done this coming week to get ready for the mission... but I'll start working on all of that tomorrow. Today is my take it easy and be lazy day... unless I decide to wash some clothes.