Friday, November 16, 2007

Why can't it just be EASY??

I called R today because I still hadn't heard anything from her OB - she was supposed to call us with the "official" ultrasound interpretation and I just wanted her reassurance that everything was on track. Apparently she and R were playing "phone tag" today, but R had gotten the message that the u/s showed a small SCH. The OB said not to worry, I guess it's not too close to the baby; she just told R to take it easy. Well, wanting more definition as to what "take it easy" means, she had called the OB again. While we were talking, her OB called back, so we hung up after she promised to call me as soon as she was done.

That was a LONG 5 minutes, waiting for R to call me back!! She finally did, though, and she seemed very comfortable with what she was told - I have no reason to think that she would sugar coat anything for me - not after what we've already been through. She managed to schedule her first OB visit for November 30th at 4:30 pm; they'll be doing a repeat u/s on that day, to check the cuke seed and recheck the SCH. If it is no larger, or perhaps even starting to reabsorb, then all is well; if it is getting larger, then R may end up on bed rest, but it shouldn't cause us a problem as long as it stays small and away from the baby.

Today we tried to pick up B's Jag - they finally finished painting it. I came home to get him at lunch time and dropped him at the shop; the owner's wife took him out to his car and I drove off; about 2 minutes later, he called and said, "come back and get me." Uh-oh... this couldn't be good. It meant that he was refusing to take the car as is... I could tell he was fuming when he got into the car, but I give him credit for maintaining control. He said that they didn't bother to patch the crack in the bumper - just painted over it; they also didn't fix the chips in the door - just painted over them. There's trash in the paint on the trunk and drips on the sides of the car... apparently they sprayed it with an enamel as opposed to a base paint and clear coat. He's furious. He says that it's now a huge paperweight and basically valueless... the only way to "fix" it properly is to strip it down to bare metal then paint it the right way. I told him that he should NOT pay the $1,800 bill; I emailed M since this is "his guy," asking him what we should do now. If we have to pay the bill to get the car back, we'll end up going to court. This shitty of a job is NOT worth that kind of money; Maaco could have done better for less than 1/2 that much!

Anyway, B needed my car, so he dropped me off at work and came back later to get me. We stopped for Chinese on the way home. After dinner, I was explaining the SCH to him, just thought that it was best that he knows everything that's going on. He was so freaked out by what I was telling him that he went 'round the traffic circle and took the wrong exit. I let him drive for a couple of miles then said, "where are we going?" He said, "I always go this way." "To avoid the hospital?" I asked. "Huh? What do you mean, avoid the hospital?" He thought that he'd taken the right exit and was just going down to come in the back way by the grocery store. "We're half-way to Carthage, baby." I told him. He said, "Oh, shit! I got so caught up with the baby I wasn't paying attention." He told me not to "start any shit" about the baby because he's "just gotten used to the idea." It seems that SCH is fairly common with IVF and rarely causes a problem. The majority of them are reabsorbed, some bleed out, very few can cause the placenta to separate from the uterus, resulting in miscarriage or premature delivery. That's why position is so important and why it's imperative that the SCH stay as far away from the baby as possible, until it reabsorbs.

On a sad note, K called today to tell me that Damien passed away... he was lying cutely by the hearth, one foot on top of the bricks, and she ran to get her camera - but when he didn't react to the flash she knew there was a problem. That's the 2nd of them that have died unexpectedly and without much explanation... we lost Crystal to pneumonia that she shouldn't have had and now Damien, too?? Of course, it's quite possible that Buck is too big of a pain in the ass to just die, but I know that K will be worrying about that from here on out. They're just 3 1/2 yrs old!! I don't understand it... I would have thought anything genetic would have emerged before now...