Thursday, November 15, 2007

We have a cucumber seed!!

I practically had to drag B to the car to get going today!! He was doing some kind of crap on the computer and making calls - honestly he was starting to piss me off, so I hung my purse on my shoulder, put on my sunglasses and stood by the front door, lightly tapping my boot on the floor. I gave him a final "we need to go" - he said, "ok, I'm just shutting down the computer". I let Fifi out to pee before we left, and when she came in, I walked out and closed the door behind me. One of the smurfs this a.m. suggested I give him an AIS warning - as in "I'm leaving in 5 mins and if your ass isn't in your seat, you're going to be left behind!! We actually had a good conversation on the way to G'boro, and got there about 12:15 or so. We met R in the parking lot of the OBs office and took her to lunch at Macaroni Grill. She hardly touched her food - she said that the nausea is pretty consistent - not enough to make her vomit, just enough to kill most of her appetite. She's lost 3 lbs in the last week! Hey, can I get some of that?!?

So, we got back to the OBs office a few minutes before our scheduled appointment time of 1:30pm, and she got checked in. When they called her back, she stood up, turned to us and said "come on guys". We went through a series of corridors (this place is HUGE) to an ultrasound room; the tech seemed a little perplexed that there were 3 of us in the room... she asked R a couple of questions that I answered - that didn't help to clarify things!! LOL Finally, R said "These are the parents" - gesturing towards us - "I'm a surrogate." That seemed to clarify things for the tech...

So, the u/s room had it's own bathroom, which was pretty dang cool, plus on of those little areas in a corner with the curtain on a sliding rail that hangs from the ceiling - a little dressing room... We stepped out in the hall when R went to empty her bladder and get situated on the table, then the tech called us back in. The u/s had the attached screen, like they all seem to have, but this room also had a flat screen monitor hanging on the wall opposite the exam table that was hooked up to the u/s. When we came back into the room, B quickly walked to the back corner - actually into the dressing area - and leaned against the wall. He stayed there the entire time - I think he was scared that he might accidentally see R's hoohah if he came away from the wall!! LOL

The ultrasound was AWESOME!! I thought that B was going to chicken out on me at the last minute, but he hung in there - the tech put the weenie wand where the weenie wand has to go and *pop* - there was our little one on the monitor!! I saw the flicker right away and ran right up to the screen so I could see it better. She measured at 3.3 mm and the heart rate was 117; the tech said that's right on track for her stage of gestation. We could see the yolk sac, too and that was pretty cool - it's 4 or 5 times as big as our little cucumber seed (she's too small to call a bean or a peanut just yet - and as CA once said "she's a girl until someone proves to me that she has a penis!"). Back on topic... everything looks great so far - and the tech printed out a nice little picture with an arrow indicating the baby's location (as if I wouldn't be able to pick it out myself!! But I thought it was sweet.) The whole time she was measuring, etc. I kept running back and forth - to the screen, to hug B, back to the screen, back to B. It was the most amazing feeling.

Here's the pic the tech gave me - our little cuke seed!! That light line to the right of the baby is actually the top of the yolk sac - it shows up much better on the original, of course. The yolk sac is at least 4 times as big as the baby, but I guess that's "normal" for this early on.

R's primary OB was hung up in surgery at the hospital and couldn't make the appointment; she's supposed to call us both with the "official" ultrasound findings, but they're not overly worried because everything looked good. She didn't call today - maybe tomorrow?? I feel so good right now!! I'm still a little worried, but not like I was before today - and in another 3-4 weeks, I'll feel MUCH, MUCH better... just get us past that 9-10 weeks of gestation, where miscarriage is most prevalent, and I'll be okay. I really want to tell everyone at Christmas - I'll have to work on B on that one - he wants to wait 'til 15 weeks which will be January sometime. We'll see how it goes.
Richard is still playing the "recovering from surgery" card. M left this morning to go to Milwaukee - his grandma died yesterday at the ripe old age damn close to 99. I'm just glad that it was after Middle Child's surgery - M really would have been torn, though I believe he would have stayed at home, since he was originally scheduled to fly out Saturday and changed that (apparently they had already scheduled the memorial service for Monday, but she was hanging in. If it weren't so tragic, it would be funny...). so, Middle Child went to school this a.m. but came home after 2nd block 'cause he wasn't feeling well. He really isn't interested in going to school tomorrow, but we'll see...