Saturday, November 3, 2007

The LAST beta!

As B keeps saying, at some point we have to just let go and figure that it will happen as it's meant to happen, you know?

R had her blood drawn at about 5pm yesterday - she said that the phlebotomy at the lab that's open on Saturday leaves something to be desired and wanted to get it done before the weekend - the lab was open 'til 7pm and told her that the results would be in the same day. By the time they could get it done, NCCRM was closed, so we figured that it would be today before we heard anything.

At 11am, I was still "beta-less" and decided to call. I managed to get one of the nurses on the phone and she told me the results -

17dp5dt ~ beta 2986

That is a doubling time of 55 hours, but it's normal for the doubling time to decrease as the beta increases. Most of what I've managed to find online says that "normal" doubling time for a beta below 1200 is 48-72 hrs (ours has been 30-34 hours); once the beta goes above 1200, "normal" doubling time decreases to every 72-96 hrs. Ours is currently 55, which should be just fine. Since I'm a nervous-nelly, after our last experience, I checked on SMO for other doubling times this far out from transfer. B says I've done "too much ciphering". Maybe he's right.

We spent several hours today wandering around the flea market in Raleigh; it was nice spending time together, just looking at things. If this baby is a girl, I'm going to get a chandelier to hang in her bedroom... I can't wait to find out if we're having a son or a daughter! I can't wait to meet our child.