Thursday, November 1, 2007

Holy moly.... how many are in there??

We were feeling pretty confident that we're expecting a single baby - until we got today's beta.

15dp5dt ~ beta 1965

Our coordinator called me at 11:30 and was laughing - first she said "Congratulations!" then she gave me the value - and THEN she said, "We're wondering if there's more than one." Well, needless to say, B didn't want to hear that!

R was amazed that it's increased so much; our doubling time is down to a little over 30 hrs; we've got a little butt-kicker in there, I guess. Last beta will be drawn tomorrow afternoon, though we won't get the result until Saturday a.m. I can't wait for the u/s!!! I'm dying to know how many we're growing!

I've been all over SMO checking out the betas; with our first 2 values, we were dead center for a singleton and always below the values for twins; with this latest number, we're high for a singleton and middle of the road for twins. Geez... they're just so damn variable, that there's no way to really predict multiples unless the number is just crazy, crazy high! We'll just have to wait until the 14th to find out for sure.