Friday, October 26, 2007

What do you take for a patience deficiency??

R was supposed to have her 1st official beta yesterday, but THANK YOU SO MUCH NCCRM FOR SCREWING THINGS UP AGAIN!!

She really only wanted to have 1 stick for the blood draw, which makes perfect sense to me. She and I only have so many good veins, so we like to limit the sticks whenever possible! Her progesterone level was due to be checked, so she planned on handling both of the tests at the same time. She's on 12 hour overnight shifts all week, so she got off work yesterday and went to the lab that she had asked our coordinator to fax the order to. Well, after waiting for them to open up (she got off work a little early), she found out that they didn't have the order. Thinking that perhaps they had faxed it to the other lab she used last time, she drove over there. Nope... not there either. So, she called our coordinator, who - of course - was not available at that time. Well, she's now tired and understandably cranky, so she leaves a message and heads home - takes E to daycare and crashes, thinking she'll deal with it after a few hours of sleep.

When she gets up, I guess the clinic had called and left her a message that the order has been faxed again. So, she picks up E and head back to the lab. Nope - they didn't get anything for her. WTH?! So, she calls back and gives her the phone number and fax number for the lab and tells her that WHEN she gets the fax sent AND confirms that it was received, she can let her know and then R will go back over there. That finally got worked - at 4 freakin' 45 pm when the lab closes at 5. Brilliant... just brilliant.

After working another 12 hour shift, R ran by the lab on the way home from work and had the blood drawn (luckily they had managed to receive AND hold onto the order) - but because it was ordered through a west coast lab, it will be run here locally, then they will send the results to the lab who will eventually email R with the result. "Usual" turnaround time - 24 hrs. Which would mean tomorrow morning - but you have to factor in that it's Pacific time we're talking about here. They probably don't get in until damn near NOON our time. By which time, sweet R will be sound asleep after yet another 12 hour shift! LOL! I just can't win here!

Ah, well - in the grand scheme of things, what's another 12 hours? I have more fingernails to chew! LOL I'm confident (ha!) that she will have the answer by the time she wakes up tomorrow afternoon. I may have only bloody stumps of fingers left, but she'll get the answer.

B asked last night what we're hoping for, in terms of a value. I told him that I'd be just about as happy with a 17 as I would be with a 70, but that he'd better hope it's under 100 - otherwise he may be in for some SERIOUS trouble! Seriously, the range for "normal" varies so widely... it's all but impossible to predict based on numbers unless you get something crazy high like in the tens of thousands! We won't really know until the ultrasound.

B left this morning to get the new bike - he's staying with his brother tonight and will head up to NY in the morning. He may stop in at his uncle's house on the way back, which would be nice. We don't get to see them that much. It would make Saturday's drive longer (coming home from Jersey), but would shorten the day tomorrow. It's about 6 hours, I think, from D's up to where the bike is, and only about 90 minutes back down to his uncle's place. He could get there mid-afternoon and hang out with them, then get up early Saturday and had back, and still get home at a reasonable hour. Their house is no further from here than Tuskegee is, and after the last drill, I left there at 3pm and was home before midnight.

It's finally 10pm, so I think I'll go to bed. I hate sleeping alone... I hate it when B's not here. Tomorrow I won't even have the boys here with me - just the furry critters!! But, I've got a house full of them!