Sunday, October 14, 2007

We've still got 10 little ones -

- hanging in there with 4 cells each. The 11th was only 3 cells this morning and they aren't holding out much hope that he/she will continue to develop, though it's not completely outside the realm of possibility.

On the GREAT side... the lab technician said that they want to discuss the possibility of doing a day 5 transfer instead of a day 3 transfer. To me, this says that the embryos are looking better on day 2 of this cycle than they were looking on day 2 of the last cycle - by this time in May, they had already determined that we would need to do a day 3 transfer. Statistically, I believe that the chances of success are higher when day 5 embryos are transferred. As Dr. Mulvaney told us at our initial consultation, after day 3, the embryos have to stand on their own, which means that they're stronger and more likely to survive. Not that that means a day 3 embryo can't make it - certainly they can... K and Amanda are living proof of that. They told Amanda that her embryos were dying, so they transferred the 3 of them on day 3 and K gave birth to twins! Whatever day we transfer, I still have good feelings... we'll just have to see what tomorrow brings. I'll be sending divisional vibes to the little embabies today!!