Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today was the BEST day ever!!

Well, I'm not even going to get into the story of the surprise birth of the chin baby when I didn't even know Twinkle was pregnant. No wonder she beat the crap out of Binki yesterday afternoon. My 13 yr old son now considers himself a grandfather (LOL) and has named the new little beasty (we think it's a girl - that still remains to be seen) Myst. He's decided that we don't have to sell her because obviously Binki is not her father (as we've only had Twinkle a month so she came to us preggers) so it wouldn't be "wrong" if Binki decided to do them both! OMG, now he's a chinchilla breeder!

And then there was the havoc in the fish tank - apparently that bitch of an angel fish decided that she wanted to eat the frog we just bought... he got away, but we saw him later with that little silver fish that stays at the top of the tank all the time, with an entire rear leg in this little fishy's mouth. The fish didn't do much damage... when B separated them, the frog swam away, but he saw the damn thing holding the froggie again later. I fear he won't last much longer. NO MORE fish. This is crazy. It's like high school clique in there - anyone new is beaten down and/or eaten!!

Now for the good news... well, yesterday I couldn't get ANY information out of the lab regarding my embryos. My biggest fear, of course, is that they had all died on the magical, mystical day 4 where they "don't disturb the embryos". I got up at 6am to get ready for the transfer and get the boys off to school.... all morning I was carrying my phone and praying it wouldn't ring. I did NOT want to hear "Dr. H... we're sorry, but all of your embryos are dead. Don't bother coming in today."

I left about 9am to head to Winston. We needed to allow at least 2 hrs to get from there to Cary and wanted to allow time to stop for lunch along the way. I turned up the radio, but then got paranoid that I wouldn't hear the phone, so I kept looking at it to see if the display was lit up - all the while praying that it wouldn't ring. About 1/2 way there, it did ring, and I suddenly got the urge to vomit. It was just R, wondering where I was! I got to R's shortly after 11am and we hung out chatting for a bit. Her hubby's new bike is just like mine, except it's an 1800 and black - but it's nice. She got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers that smell absolutely heavenly, and a kit to make a heart-shaped hand print keepsake when the baby's born!

Shortly after 11 we headed out to pick up E (her 4 yr old daughter) from preschool 'cause she was coming with us. She was so excited to be coming to the "special doctor's appointment" where they were going to "put B and S's babies in mommy's tummy."

On the way to the preschool, I hear my phone ringing. It's after 11 now, so I figure I'm in the clear as far as the embies are concerned. Certainly they've checked them by now and would have called if there was a problem. By the time I get the phone out of my purse, which is in the back seat, it has stopped ringing, but the screen says that the missed call was from B. I figure he's just checking on me and didn't worry - I was just going to wait for the voice mail to come through then listen to it before calling him back (it drives me nuts when I leave him a message and he just calls back without listening to it, so then I can repeat it all again!!). But, what I get instead is a text message that says "Call! 911".

Again, there's that strong urge to vomit!! So I fumble with the damned phone, and all kinds of thoughts are running through my mind... I had seen some type of incident in the parking lot of the high school this morning - assumed that either someone's car caught fire (turns out that WAS what happened) or 2 cars collided, so maybe First Born was involved and M was calling to get me to the hospital ASAP - maybe something has happened to one of the animals (like the time B knocked the top of Fancee's cage down inside and cut off the tip of that toe so that she damn near bled to death) - or maybe the clinic decided to call the house phone even though they generally call my cell... (yes, I know I have an overactive imagination! Always have, always will.) and, of course, since I need to make a call NOW, the phone is too damned complicated and I can't seem to hit the right buttons.

I finally hit the right combination of buttons and it begins to ring - he answers immediately. "What's wrong?" I demand to know. "You need to call the clinic right away" he tells me, "they just called." Oh, God... there is is again - that urge to vomit. "What's wrong?" I ask again. "It's something with my blood work" he says - and now I can breathe a little... He says that they just got the results today - he's positive for CMV and for Hep B antibodies (not the virus, just the core antibodies). He's been informed, by someone who's name he can't remember because he was panicking as they talked to him, that we will need to be counseled regarding this and R will have to sign an "informed consent" or we cannot proceed with the transfer - due to FDA regulations.

I hang up with him and call NCCRM. I get routed to several different people before a familiar nurse finally comes on the line and explains it to me. 75-80% of people in the US (and/or possibly the world) will test positive for CMV, which is an illness similar to mono. Then there's the issue of the Hep B antibodies - she has apparently questioned the laboratory and they cannot distinguish antibodies produced as a result of exposure to the virus from antibodies produced as a result of vaccination, and I know that B's been vaccinated - he spent 24 years in the Air Force!! They don't seem too concerned with it - but they have to comply with the federal regulations. We just need to talk to each other and to Dr. T before we can proceed.

All of this is occurring while I'm driving towards Cary. At some point, approximately 1/2 way there, we stop at a McDonald's to feed E. While she's playing, we start talking. R is vaccinated against Hep B because she's in the human health field. She figures she'd probably test positive for CMV also because she's been a nurse for over 10 years and has surely been exposed to it by now. I tell her that we'll ask Dr. T about any risks, complications, implications, etc. and if, for ANY reason, she is uncomfortable with this, then we will cancel the transfer, and I will NOT be angry with her. She has to do what is best for her, first and foremost.

We get to the clinic exactly at 2pm, but NCCRM is never actually on time. We are called into a consulting room at 2:30 and Dr. T arrives around 3pm. He asks if we understand what we've been told and if we've discussed it amongst ourselves. R asks if either of these is a risk to the pregnancy. No. Can she "catch" either disease from the embryo? Again, no. Dr. T says that not even HIV is transmitted from an embryo to the carrier. There's no risk here, but according to FDA regulations, she has to be informed. She answers, "let's do it." Now, nervously, I ask how many we've got. The lab tech consults her sheet - tells us that we're transferring 2 grade 4 "expanding" blasts today - there are 7 others she says, and those will be frozen. OMG!! 9 of the 10 made it to blasts?? Not only that, but 8 of those are "expanding" blasts (which is the highest level, and according to Dr. T, the BEST you can get!), the last one is simply a blast (which is pretty damn good anyway).

They send us back into the waiting room because they're not ready - it will be another 20 minutes we're told. Well, I guess 60 minutes is kinda like 20 minutes.... they finally call us back, into the same room as the last transfer. They show us the 2 embabies and I get my little picture... aren't they gorgeous??

Another 20 or so minutes and Dr. T comes in to do the transfer. While he's "prepping" R for the transfer, he asks about our last transfer... what day, how many, what quality? I give him the basics... 3 8-celled day 3 embryos, positive betas but not a viable pregnancy; all other embryos stopped developing after day 3. What was different on this protocol? he asks. Nothing, except that we used lupron as a trigger instead of hCG. This time, he says, we didn't cruise any days (skip meds on any given day). We didn't do that last time either... This time we did ICSI. We did it last time, too... So what WAS different?? he wants to know. I did acupuncture and took Chinese herbs this time... that's it. I can tell he's skeptical, but I don't care. I KNOW that made the difference. "You're 39?" he finally asks. "No," I answer, "I'm 40." He pauses for a minute... then says, "35 year old women rarely get embryos of this quality." Kudos to S at Acupuncture Center!! I am a believer in the power of Chinese medicine! I KNOW that she made this difference!

Anyway, he puts the 2 embabies in and then R has to lie there for an additional 20 minutes before she can get up and pee. Poor girl... she kept hearing the toilet flush, but she couldn't get up - it's like they were taunting her! Finally she is able to get dressed (and pee), then we come over to the good ol' Comfort Suites where she's going to finish out the day on bed rest. E and I went to McD's again (I promised her whatever she wanted 'cause she was SO well behaved today) and then pick up Chili's for R and myself. E is so wound up that it's nearly 10pm before we can get her to calm down and go to sleep. I had to get this written out, but now I think I'll turn in myself. It's been a crazy, hectic day! But, man!! It couldn't have been better!!