Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still looking good!

R had our 2nd (un)official beta drawn Friday evening at 5:15 pm (34 hrs after the 1st). She was hoping to get the results back on Saturday - the lab IS open on Saturday, not on Sunday - but it didn't work out that way and we ended up waiting until Monday (today) for the results. Even then, she had to call the lab to get them! Crazy!

9dp5dt ~ 94

That's a doubling time of 34 hrs! I went back and checked... never in our 1st cycle did we have such a great doubling time. We did have one time that the value doubled in less than the "normal" 48 hrs, but generally it was significantly longer than that. So, this is GREAT news.

I found a study on the internet with published values - at 9dp5dt, the "average" hCG value is 95, with a low of 33 and a high of 233. It's nice to fall right into place that way! The likelihood of multiples is very, very small at this point - Bill continues to be very pleased with that!

The "official" beta will be on Thursday the 1st... supposed to be on Halloween, but R's insurance kicks in on the 1st, so she'll have it done in the a.m., after she gets off work. I took the values from the betas we've had done and calculated the "daily rate" - based on that, the 3rd beta (at 14.5dp5dt) should be between 800 and 1500. I know that's a crazy wide range, but I calculated based on both a 34 hr interval and a 48 hr interval (the internet calculator asks the number of days between betas, so I put in both 1.5 (actual) and 2 (calendar difference) which gave very different daily rates!). I can't wait to see what it actually is!