Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh, my achin' ovaries!

So, today's u/s showed 18 huge follicles - 10 on the right and 8 on the left - with a couple of stragglers... no wonder I can feel the damn things!! Sometimes, just standing there, they start "pulsing" and they just ache!! Of course, with my ovaries being larger than baseballs, my entire belly is swollen. Don't get me started on the generalized edema!! Jus' call me "Sponge Bob-ette".

Today, my E2 was 1441 - so it's dropped just a bit from yesterday. I was instructed to do the ovidrel, follistim and ganirelix ASAP - then tonight at 10pm, I do 20 IUs of Lupron and the other 20 IUs tomorrow morning at 8am. No blood work or u/s tomorrow, just show up at 8:30am on Friday for a 9am retrieval.

I spoke with Dr. H today as well, regarding the ICSI. He's agreed to call me on Friday, after we get the eggs and he has a chance to look at B's sample - so we can discuss it before he does anything, and make a final decision at that time.

I talked to R today - she's psyched!! Tonight is her one "shot-less" night before she starts the big injections for the pregnancy. I get extra shots today... she gets none. I told her to enjoy it because she's in for daily injections for the next 12 weeks.