Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lucky number 13

We got 13 eggs today! Not a fabulous number, but twice as many as last time. Dr. H said that it was EXCELLENT for me. However, on the down side, B's sperm count was low in this sample today (5 million) - that's because it had only been 36 hours - so we're doing ICSI on them all. I talked to Dr. H briefly about doing some of them naturally, but he said with the low numbers and the terribly thick zona around my eggs, that he didn't believe any of them would fertilize naturally and he didn't want to lose any of them. So, I guess we're doing all of them with ICSI after all :(. Someone from the lab is supposed to call me tomorrow with a fertilization report. Unfortunately, with it being Saturday, I can't call THEM to find out how my eggs did. I hope that they follow his instructions and call me. It's gonna kill me to have to wait to find out how many we have!

They're also supposed to call me on Sunday with a schedule for the transfer. Since we're only staying in Cary one night, B said he didn't think R should be driving (because it's stressful, she would have to sit upright, etc.), so I'm going to pick her up in Winston on Monday, drive her up to the retrieval, and then bring her back home on Tuesday. I think that will be nice... we'll get to chat on the way. It will mean a little extra driving for me, but she says that driving stresses her out, and we definitely want to reduce the stress.

I took the boys to the Fall Festival tonight, which was a little tough on me... I took a long nap after I got home from the retrieval - dragged out of bed at 4:30 and ran through the shower. We stayed until almost 8pm, and by the time I got home, I was really uncomfortable. Now I'm laying in bed and hoping that my insides will stop aching soon. B has been great about waiting on me - he's such a doll.