Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just about ready to go

Today I had another u/s - my first since Saturday. My ovaries were just bundles of black bubbles separated by thin white lines - no wonder I can feel them at night; they've got to be the size of baseballs!! They measured 14 follies today - 7 on each ovary - and they were all "greater than". The nurse said that Dr. T may have me go one more day, or he may have me trigger tonight. When I finally got my instructions, they were to go ahead with the microdose ovidrel, the follistim and ganirelix and return for another u/s and estradiol tomorrow. Oh, BTW, my E2 today was over 2400 - it's nearly doubled since yesterday!! No wonder my boobs are so sore!

R & S came home from the beach today; they called from Rockingham to see if I was free for a visit - but I had to go do cats before I picked up Little Man so they went on home. Poor R said that her butt will never be the same!! Crazy chick - riding all the way to the beach on the back of a bike like that...

I really had NO free time today - I went from one obligation to another, starting at 7:30am and ending when I got home from the grocery store to cook dinner at about 7pm. It was a crazy day! Well, 2 more days of work and then I'll get 5 days off! Of course, it looks like my retrieval will be Friday am and we have the Fall Festival Friday evening. I've promised Little Man that I'll take him and he's SO looking forward to it, so I figure I'll get a nap after the retrieval and then suck it up and go to the school for a few hours.

We'll see what tomorrow's results/instructions are - here's hoping that it will be trigger day!! I don't think they can let me go too awfully much longer - some of my follicles were up to 25mm in diameter today. I'd hate to lose them to some type of spontaneous rupture from delay...

First Born came by tonight and we got out the bikes; I told him that I'd feel much better if I could see how he rides - other than viewing him from the driveway as he whizzes by!! Since my new bike doesn't have tags yet, I told him we couldn't leave the neighborhood - don't really feel up to getting a ticket! I rode in front up the street, then when we crossed over Gun Club, I had him go ahead so I could watch him. He is actually very focused - both hands on the grips the entire time - or maybe that's just because he knew his mom was riding behind him!! I let him take the bike back to his dad's tonight so that he could ride it to school tomorrow. I know how much he enjoys it - wish he could understand how nervous it makes me!!