Sunday, October 21, 2007

I swear this is the longest week ever!

We're officially 4dp5dt or 3w2d pregnant - B is having trouble wrapping his mind around that - how can we be 3 wks pregnant if the transfer was 4 days ago and the retrieval only 5 days before that? That's just the way we figure things, honey.... don't strain yourself trying to figure it out. I've already convinced him that there's "real" time and there's "S" time, now there's "pregnancy" time!

The 2ww SUCKS! Let's get that out of the way right off the bat. I'm dying here, waiting for confirmation of what we're confident is true - R is preggers. I saw a post on SMO today that she's found the pregnancy sticks. Guess S didn't do such a great job of hiding them, huh? She's still resolute about waiting until next Wednesday to test. How come she's got all of this self control all of a sudden?? LOL

Well, honestly, whatever works best for her, is best for us in the long run. Stress and/or worry wouldn't be good for the little bean, so best that she hold off until she feels sure that she'll get a positive. She's going to have a quantitative drawn that day, since they have to draw blood to check her progesterone anyway - but she had better pee on a stick that morning, 'cause we won't get the beta number until Thursday. Bad enough that I have to wait 3 more days!