Thursday, September 6, 2007

Getting started

R called me yesterday a.m. to tell me that Aunt Flo is finally here in full force. She started on BCPs last night. She said that she also left a message for our coordinator, but that E was on vacation until today, so she didn't expect to hear back until then.

This afternoon, R called me and said that she had heard from E - according to the schedule that they've set up, the 3 day transfer will be the 11th - 13th of October, making retrieval the 8th - 10th, which of course won't work for me. I have drill the weekend of the 7th, so won't be available for monitoring. So, I guess that tomorrow I'll have to give the clinic a call and tell her that we need to push the retrieval and transfer off about a week so this will work for us. I don't imagine that they'll have much difficulty keeping R cooking for an extra day or so...

We'll see what the docs have to say about that!