Sunday, September 23, 2007

We've got a schedule!!

We got our schedule from NCCRM. I spoke with our coordinator and she said they were having difficulty putting a schedule together because of all of our restrictions.... my being unavailable the first weekend of October, R being unable to transfer on Thursday thru Saturday, their reluctance to keep me on BCPs for too long for fear of suppressing my ovaries too much... end result is that I told her to work around R's schedule and not worry about mine. I'll find a way to work it out - I have to change my entire work schedule anyway since we couldn't get the retrieval worked out for the days that I'm already off work - they couldn't get R ready in time (post D&E).

So, as it stands now, I have my initial u/s on Monday, October 1. If all looks good, then I'll start meds Monday night. Tentative retrieval dates are October 12-14 with transfer scheduled October 15-17. That's just a few weeks away!

I'm going to continue weekly acupuncture until the retrieval. S told me that she's done a lot of treatment protocols designed to increase egg yield at retrieval, but has never worked with anyone in my situation - history of a retrieval and using acupuncture leading up to a second transfer - so she has no personal knowledge of the difference it can make. She's anxious to see how this cycle goes, compared to my last, since the addition of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and moxabustion. Us, too!!

On SMO, CA (my IM buddy who HAS to be my age or damned near, since she has an 18 yr old child) just got 30 eggs (!!) at her retrieval! I'd LOVE to have that many, but would be thrilled to get 1/2 of that! I just want enough to split between ICSI and natural fertilization - R wants to transfer 2 fertilized with ICSI and 1 or 2 fertilized naturally to give us the absolute best chance of a viable pregnancy.

I'm excited about this upcoming cycle and also a bit scared after what happened last time. I know that we can't dwell on that, that all things happen for a reason, and I'm sure that this cycle will be successful given that the baby will be due in June :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Looking good so far

R had her preliminary u/s today and everything looks good; she starts Lupron injections tonight. We still haven't gotten the printed schedule but it's supposedly on it's way. R's message from our coordinator (late Friday afternoon) said that the schedule was completed and would be sent out early next (this) week and that she was to have the u/s and likely start the Lupron on Monday (today). I just really want it in writing so that I can see my dates in black & white. Not to mention that I have to get my work schedule rearranged since we're not going to be able to schedule the retrieval/transfer for the 5 days that I'm already off. I know it's a huge PITA for Dr. V, especially since she just lost her 2nd nanny so has NO childcare for the boys, but this is something that I couldn't control... we weren't able to proceed until R had her period and was cleared for a new cycle.

I had acupuncture again this afternoon. I told S that I'm noticing that I FEEL the needles much more now than I did in the beginning. She said that it's a matter of freeing my Chi and living much more IN my body than I'm used to. All I know is, they're 36 gauge needles so they shouldn't hurt at all... actually except for the tiniest of pinches, there's really not much of a sensation anywhere except for the 2 that she inserts over my ovaries... and they ALWAYS produce a strange sensation of "movement" and sometimes are quite uncomfortable - occasionally to the point that she has to move one of them. I can't help but feel that there's really something working here - I distinctly remember my first session and how I felt NOTHING when the needles were inserted. That is most definitely a thing of the past. In fact, each time I go in, there's the smallest sensation of dread because I know that those 2 needles are going to be very uncomfortable (I won't say that they actually "hurt" because I don't think that's an accurate description of the sensation they produce). This time, she had me do a little breathing exercise while she inserted the needles on the left side of my abdomen and I didn't feel them in an unpleasant way - so maybe that's the key for me.

Now, my biggest issue is that I'm going to have to get out of this "mandatory" drill for the 1st weekend of October because the clinic insists that I'm going to have to come in for monitoring. I'm thinking that I'll wait until I get my schedule and then see what I can work out.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Moving forward, but at a snail's pace

It seems like we're just barely creeping along. The clinic sent me a postcard requested payment and stating that ICSI and Assisted Hatching were both required. The total was $8000. Now, at this point, it's NOT about the money, but we just don't want our eggs messed with any more than absolutely necessary. I spoke with our coordinator who said that she'd put a note in my chart - not good enough. I tried to call the other nurse, but she wasn't in. In the end, I just gave Dr. H a call, since he's the embryologist. I explained my feelings and he explained to me why they did the ICSI last time. I told him that I want it done this time ONLY if it's a last resort to save the cycle. So, what we're hoping for is enough eggs this time to split them and do half with ICSI, half without. Here's hoping that the acupuncture is working it's miracle and we'll harvest at least a dozen little eggies to work with!!

I mailed the check to NCCRM on Monday; today I got the receipt from them, so I know they've received it. E told me that they would mail out our schedules once they received payment, so I was a little surprised that it didn't arrive here today as well - maybe tomorrow.... I also got a call from IVP Care to get payment for R's meds. Apparently she has to have them by Saturday (according to what the pharmacy told me), so I guess that's when she starts the lupron. She's raring to get going with this as well!!

It's a bit of a PITA that I'm going to have to do some rearranging at work to accommodate this schedule since they weren't able to work with what I had available, but that's life. Dr. V has assured me that we can figure it out. If not, then I'll take off for the 2 weeks, and I KNOW that she doesn't want THAT to happen. But, in the big scheme of things, this is definitely more important.

B's brother came down today for a brief visit and to spread some "energy" for this process. I have a really good feeling about this - it's all falling into place - the timing, the money, the support.... I can't wait to get going!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Getting started

R called me yesterday a.m. to tell me that Aunt Flo is finally here in full force. She started on BCPs last night. She said that she also left a message for our coordinator, but that E was on vacation until today, so she didn't expect to hear back until then.

This afternoon, R called me and said that she had heard from E - according to the schedule that they've set up, the 3 day transfer will be the 11th - 13th of October, making retrieval the 8th - 10th, which of course won't work for me. I have drill the weekend of the 7th, so won't be available for monitoring. So, I guess that tomorrow I'll have to give the clinic a call and tell her that we need to push the retrieval and transfer off about a week so this will work for us. I don't imagine that they'll have much difficulty keeping R cooking for an extra day or so...

We'll see what the docs have to say about that!