Sunday, August 26, 2007

Looking good!

Friday's blood work was good, according to our coordinator. My estrogen and FSH were where they want to them to be, I guess, so I've started on BCPs again (yippee...) E told me that she would call R about the next step, but still hasn't done so yet. R is planning on calling her tomorrow to figure out what we need to do. I think that the next step is an u/s of R's uterus to determine if she needs to have a period before we proceed.

I had my first acupuncture treatment on Friday also. It was WONDERFUL. S is great. She really took a lot of time to talk to me, to find out where we are and where we're going, and determine what treatment plan gives us the best chance of success (not guaranteed, of course, but this being my last retrieval, we're going to give it all we've got).

I ended up with 2 needles in my left wrist, 2 over each ovary and 1 in the center of my abdomen, 1 just below my right knee and 3 in my right foot. Oh, almost forgot the one right between my eyes! She hooked up a mild electrical current to the needles over my ovaries, and then put a mineral heat lamp over my entire abdomen for about 20 minutes. After she removed the needles, she did the moxibustion over my ovaries and abdomen. I came home with Wu Chi Pai Feng Wan which are tiny tea pills enclosed in white wax "eggs" - I take 1/3 of them 3 times each day. She also gave me a moxibustion stick to do every other day at home. For B, she sent Men's Vitality and Five Ancestor's Pills to help to increase his sperm count so hopefully we can avoid ICSI this next time. Of course, I guess that I can refuse to have it performed... but if his sperm count is high, then we'll hopefully still have good fertilization w/o the ICSI.

Since our time before retrieval may be as short as 3 weeks (though it could be a few weeks longer), S recommended that I come for treatments twice a week (she generally recommends a total of 6-8 treatments for maximum results). I have an appointment tomorrow, and again next Friday. The week after that I have terrible conflicts and don't know if I'll be able to go at all, though I DO have appointments scheduled - I just don't think I can keep them :( Once R talks to our coordinator, we'll know just how much time we have, then I can hopefully schedule a couple of extra acupuncture treatments.

S also advised me to not take in cold liquids if at all possible (drink water at room temp - ick!) and avoid dairy, especially ice cream. She recommended that B find a "natural" toothpaste without fluoride to use until the cycle is over because it has been theorized (though not proven) that fluoride MAY decrease sperm count. Well, if we're gonna do EVERYTHING, we might as well do EVERYTHING, right?

On a totally different note, I GOT A NEW CAR YESTERDAY!! It's absolutely AWESOME!! I got a Hyundai Veracruz (yes, I know... I was very skeptical about Hyundai's as well, but they have really come into their own lately in terms of quality and reliability). It's a beautiful car - looks much like a Lexus R330, only nicer looking. It's got tons of bells and whistles - leather, DVD player, auto lift gate, a REAL plug in the back, auto headlights and wipers, auto tilt and telescoping wheel, a "cool box" in the front console, shiftronic transmission, proximity key (this is WAAAYYYY cool!). I LOVE THIS CAR.