Friday, August 17, 2007

Finally moving forward - again!!

I haven't had just a whole lot to say about much of anything lately!! The surrogacy work has been on hold until R starts her period (her D&E was on July 6th so it's been quite a while...); I have mandatory drill in September and October, but nothing else has been cooking on that front, except that I FINALLY got paid for OBLC. On a positive note - if there IS one - I've made it this far without the money, so the entire check can go into the surrogacy account.

We spent the last 2 days at King's Dominion - the boys had a great time, and it wore me slam out! It was DEFINITELY a "trip" and not a "vacation"!!

R did call me yesterday - she had spoken to her OB who wanted to just wait until she started her period naturally, even if it's another 6 or 8 weeks. She wasn't so thrilled with that idea, so she called NCCRM and talked to our coordinator. E talked to Dr. T and they came up with an alternative plan - they'll do some type of blood work on her (not exactly sure what they'll be monitoring) and then they'll do an ultrasound. If her uterine lining is thin, they'll just start her on meds; if it's thick, they'll give her something to force a period and we'll go from there. Much better idea!!

I had my progesterone drawn today - it was 11.68, so I definitely ovulated (anything over 2 is indicative of ovulation). I have to go back to the lab next Friday for more blood work (FSH, LH and E2, I think) and then they should start me on BCPs. According to R, we could be doing this retrieval/transfer within a month, if her current lining is thin. That's the impression they gave her anyway. Eman apparently told her that, once they get my results from next Friday, they'll be able to make up a schedule for us! How nerve-wracking this is, knowing it's my last retrieval... I promised B.

I'm starting acupuncture next Friday as well - to try to increase my egg yield. R is willing to have it done - we just have to find her someone to go to. We're willing to do whatever we can to give us the BEST chance possible.

On a totally different front... we're looking for a new car. B has decided that I need a Hyundai Veracruz. It's an SUV built on a car's frame instead of on a truck's frame (like my Envoy). It's a nice car and I'm pretty psyched about it. We're going to F'ville next Friday to talk to a dealer about one. Friday's going to be a busy day for us!!