Sunday, July 29, 2007

The state of things

There really hasn't been much going on here except for work. I was in Portland for Academy from July 15 through the 20th. It wasn't as bad as I expected, which was nice. Dr. V made it sound unbearable. It was a LOT of lecture, a LOT of sitting... but not as much "cheerleading" as I was anticipating. Lots of good information, actually. I feel much better about working for Banfield now!

R went to her OB and was cleared to cycle again as soon as AF arrives. She thinks it should be in about a week. I called NCCRM and talked to Eman - she told me that transfer will be roughly 2 wks from the time that R gets AF. Looks like we're aiming for early October (funny thing about that - I got pregnant with Richard the 1st week of October, so this baby will be due in late June... I've always said that I can only have kids 2 times/year - January and June.) I've been told to start poas to detect my LH surge. Last time was such a drag... "is the test line as dark or darker than the reference line?". This time I found DIGITAL tests at Target. They're a lot more expensive ($30 for 7 tests), but it's a circle or a smiley face... not at all subjective. So far, all I've gotten is circles. I really think that we just missed it and it will be 3+ weeks before I get a positive test result. When that day finally comes, I have to wait a week and then have a progesterone draw. If it indicates that I have ovulated (result > 2) then I will wait another week and have an FSH/E2 draw, at which time I will start on BCPs (yay) and we'll go from there.

I was talking to a girl at work the other day - she currently works at Acupuncture Center of the Sandhills - and I casually asked if they do acupuncture for fertility. "Oh, yeah" she replied, "it's great for that." So, I called and made an appointment - the soonest I could get in was the end of August due to my work schedule. I also emailed R and asked if she would be up for acupuncture. She agreed... she's willing to do anything to make this work. My co-worker is going to ask her docs for a reference, R is asking around as well. R posted on SMO and got several positive responses from others who have tried acupuncture for transfer. I figure it can't hurt, right? This time HAS to work.

B and I spent all day together. We were terribly lazy until about 1pm (which was SO nice) and then we did cats for AAMC. Now we're being lazy again, lying here and watching "Shark Week" on Discovery Channel. It's not often that we have nothing much to do. If we decide to sell the house, we'll have very little time without something that needs to be done!