Friday, July 6, 2007

Moving on

R went to her OB today and they've scheduled her for a D&E tomorrow morning when she gets off work. He explained what she could expect, and they're going to do a spinal for anesthesia (she's not fond of being "put out"). They told her that she should be fine to return to work on Saturday, so she'll only be out for the one day (tomorrow) - of course, tomorrow was a double shift, so that will hurt a little, but our contract stipulates that she receive $500 for a medically necessary abortion, which I suppose the D&E qualifies for.

I think that I'm going to have something shipped to her - flowers just aren't worth the money, but maybe something from I'll see what I can come up with tonight. I'd really like to get it to her in the next few days.

The doc told her that she can expect to have a period in about 4 weeks, and we can transfer at the next cycle which should be in early September, or October at the latest. Guess it'll be a summer baby instead of a winter one, but that's alright, too. I've got 2 winter boys already and 1 born in the summer. I kinda thought that we were due a summer baby anyway!!