Thursday, July 19, 2007

Banfield Academy

So, this week I'm in Portland at Banfield's New Doctor Academy where they spend a week brainwashing us to practice medicine "the Banfield way"... LOL

Actually, I've already learned quite a bit and, Dr. V was right, there's a lot of research and solid foundation behind their principles and protocols. It reminds me much of OBLC - they are cramming WAY too much information into WAY too short a time, but I guess that's just the way the world works these days. We're in class from 7:30am until 5:30 or 6:00pm; we have mandatory dinners with food companies and drug reps after that and it's generally 10pm before we get back to the hotel (and that's only because I don't go out with the group that continues partying until 2 or 3am). Tonight we're on our own for dinner and entertainment. I briefly (and I do mean briefly) considered going out tonight but then gave thought as to what I would really LIKE to do - and that came down to ordering room service and eating it here in my jammies... so that's the plan. Boring, I know, but I can blame it on my "advancing age".

My biggest issue - they have WAY too much food available. Being owned by Mars, Inc. there are M&Ms everywhere, and trail mix, dried fruit and pretzels available 24/7 as well as sodas, coffee, tea and water. It's hard to not eat it when it's there - and 'cause we're doing nothing but sitting on our butts and listening to lecture - what we lovingly called "death by Power Point" back in vet school. Regardless of what you choose to eat - pretzels and dried fruit/nuts, in moderation, really aren't bad for you - but eating all day every day can't be good!! My goal for tomorrow is simple... no snacking between meals! I always feel full and vaguely nauseous, but it's almost as if I can't stop myself from snacking - JUST BECAUSE IT'S THERE!! My willpower has always been crappy....

Oh, well - tomorrow IS another day, right??