Saturday, June 23, 2007

A weird sense of peace...

I felt fine yesterday and today about the pregnancy. Now, thinking about Sunday makes my chest tighten and my stomach roll; God only knows what condition I'll be in by the time I get up to NCCRM on Sunday morning!!

R is feeling fine. She's had no cramping or bleeding thus far, and still has that "reassuring nausea" so that's good. She said tonight that she was thinking perhaps the 3rd embryo had been floating around in there as well - either as a "chemical' pregnancy or a blighted ovum... who knows. At any rate, something like that could certainly give us the results that we've gotten so far. R has started calling the baby "troublemaker" and I guess that will be her moniker from here on out. If she continues to be such a pill, this pregnancy will age poor R immeasurably. It may be both her first and LAST surrogacy!! I never did do things the straightforward and simple way!!