Thursday, May 24, 2007

Transfer - at last!

Well, it turns out that today was the big day!! I called Dr. H this morning to check on our embabies. He told me that they were just checking them and he'd have to call me back - of course, I immediately assumed that they had all died during the night! He called back about 20 minutes later and said that they were doing very well, but they did want to go ahead with the transfer today at 2pm. They want to transfer 3, he told me - and he asked how we all felt about the possibility of triplets. "We don't" I said... "twins would be alright, but no one wants trips." They want to transfer 3 because of my age... I understand that, but what about "never transfer more than you are willing to carry" or "never transfer more than you are willing to raise"? At any rate, I assumed, like he told me yesterday, that he'd let R know, so B and I went out and ran some errands - I had 9 cats to spay/neuter for AAMC, and I wanted to be out of there by noon so I could head to Cary for the transfer.

My phone doesn't get a signal inside the AAMC office because the building is metal-sided, but when we came out, I had a message. I assumed that it would be from R, telling me that she was getting ready to head up for the transfer. It wasn't... it was from K, asking me to run an errand for her :(

So, I called R and ended up waking her up. She had not been called by the lab and had no idea that we were going ahead with the transfer. Yesterday, Dr. H called and told her that it was possible, and that he'd call her back this morning to let her know for sure - then he failed to do so. Seems like typical NCCRM... they may be great at infertility, but they SUCK at communication. So, I checked in with Dr. H to be sure we were still on - he said yes, at 2:00. I told him that no one had bothered to notify my surro, it's already 12:45 and she lives at least 2 hrs away. Don't worry, he reassured me, get here when you can ; we'll keep the embryos waiting until you get here.

Poor R had to drag out of bed and throw on some clothes, then head over. I packed a bag, grabbed the stuff that I've collected for her over the last couple of months, wrote a check for the phone and mileage reimbursements that I owe her, grabbed the transfer fee and threw it all together - then I headed out. We got here within 5 minutes of each other. I parked at the hotel and walked down because I knew I'd have to move both cars at some time; seemed easier to do it this way.

We were hanging out in the waiting room, chatting, laughing at our dhs who declined to be present... I wore a green shirt and my green SMO bracelet that says "Think Positive" in yellow (so I had on both lucky colors); R had a green hair scrunchy on, and was wearing the 4-leaf clover necklace that I gave her. Dr. H came into the lobby to talk to us. All 7 embabies are still growing!!! He chose the best 3 - all 8-celled, 2 are grade 4 (deemed to be perfect) and 1 was grade 3 (small amount of fragmentation). The other 4 embryos were 8-9 celled and grade 3, I think maybe 1 of them was a grade 2; they're going to continue to grow them out until Saturday, and if they make it, they'll freeze them as back up. He gave me a little pic of the ones we're transferring today. Our first baby picture!! It's absolutely awesome! He said they were running behind and it would be another 45 minutes or so.

An hour later, they called us back and stuck us in this tiny room with little more than an incubator (equipped with microscope) and an OB table. The lab assistant brought in a tiny petrie dish and placed it in the incubator; he turned on a light, adjusted the knobs and asked if we wanted to see the embies. They look so tiny!! I guess that they are - but they just looked so much bigger in the picture! As usual, they had R get undressed from the waist down (typical for any visit to NCCRM, I think). 10 or so minutes later, Dr. T came in. I've never met him, but I immediately liked him. He was casual, polite and very willing to answer any questions. There was NO "holier than thou" attitude about him. He explained to me that they wanted to transfer 3 embryos because of my age, and that it's really about equal to transferring 2 embryos from a younger woman. There is, he told us, a slight chance of twins, and virtually no chance of trips, but he asked if we had discussed what we would do if all 3 embryos DID stick. Well, I know that our contract states NO S/R unless it's life-threatening, but R and I both agree that we may have to rethink that. She doesn't want to carry 3, I don't want to raise 3; we're both praying that we don't have to make that decision. So, for now, we'll push it aside and concentrate on sending energy to the embies so that they can stick (at least 1 of them!).

Basically, the transfer was little more than a pap exam. They used a standard speculum, and Dr. T cleaned her cervix with huge q-tips and some clear solution (probably just saline). They sucked the embabies up in a 1cc syringe and attached a long, thin catheter to the end; they placed a wide u/s transducer on her lower abdomen and we could see her uterus and the catheter was also visible. He told us that he was going to deposit the embies at the thickest part of her lining, and wiggled the catheter around so we could see it. Then there was a --whoosh-- of white that almost immediately disappeared - and it was done. The lab assistant checked the catheter and syringe to make sure that no embies were left behind. She had to stay in a prone position for 20 minutes, then they let us leave.

I drove her car over here to the hotel, got her checked in and into the bed, and went out to pick up dinner. I got some McD's fries (just to hedge our bets... not going to discard any of the superstitions), and we had Ragazzi's. We spent some time hopping around on SMO, and I posted some information about our transfer. Now, we wait... the hardest part, I think. She's got to wait at least 6 days to POAS - I mean, she doesn't HAVE to wait, but that's about the soonest anyone could reasonably expect even a faint positive.

I've got everything crossed and I'm sending lots of energy to my embabies... stick, babies, stick!!