Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today did NOT start out good! I had to be at work at 9am, so I showed up at NCCRM at 7:35 am. They open the doors at 7:45 and start the testing at 8am - I wanted to be SURE to be the very first in line - which I was. By 8:05, I was done with the blood draw and I sat, and sat, and sat. I figured that I could be out of there by 8:15, and at work by 9:15 - no big deal.

So, at 8:15, I asked the receptionist how much longer before they start the ultrasounds. "Oh," she tells me "they don't even come in until at least 8:30." I was SO angry!! If I had known this, I could have tried to make other arrangements for work - at least tell them not to schedule any 9am appointments!! So, I told her that I couldn't wait - I was leaving. I paid for the blood work then l left - got into my truck, backed out of the parking space then stopped... I weighed my choices - I can leave and get to work almost on time, and possibly ruin this cycle - or I could have the u/s and deal with any repercussions of being late. So, I pulled back into the space and went back upstairs.

I was out of there about 8:45 and at work just before 10. It wasn't that big of a deal - only 1 appointment at 9am and he was pretty cool about everything. BUT, it was a good thing that I went back up!!

My E2 today was 1744; I had 5-6 follicles in the desired range on the left side with another few mid-sized; on the right, I had 5-6 that were between 18 and 23mm, with more in the mid-range. My instructions tonight were to take 1 syringe of Ganirelix and 2 syringes of the HCG trigger. HERE'S where we ran into another problem!!

I was pretty sure that they pharmacy had only shipped me 1 syringe of the HCG trigger, but I called to be sure. Yep, the rep told me - they sent one. I told him that I needed 2 and asked how many were ordered. There was a pause, then an "ooohhhh" from him - there were 2 on the script but only 1 was shipped. He put me on hold then came back and told me that they shipped "1 syringe at the request of the customer". Oh, hell no!! I told him that there was NO way I would presume to override the prescriptions from the RE - I don't have that type of knowledge!!

In the end, he called around and managed to find it at a Walgreen's in Sanford, so I had to drive up there after work to pick it up. I took both syringes at 10pm, tomorrow I have a Beta drawn (just an HCG level), and retrieval is set for Monday!! We're almost there!!