Sunday, April 1, 2007

Day 3

Well, it's day 3 on BCPs and I haven't (yet) felt the urge to murder anyone! LOL In fact the boys and I have gotten along wonderfully this weekend - B is back in Goldsboro packing (I hope) the last of his belongings. I spent 3 days there with him last week and managed to get most of it loaded up. He says that his neighbor came over yesterday morning and they moved all of the furniture downstairs. He went around last night pulling out nails/picture hangars and covering the holes with paint (doing it the cheap and easy way... that's my baby!). Seems like all that's left is to load up a U-Haul and do a final cleaning. He just won't tell me when he wants to do it. I don't have a lot of free time before I go to Ireland, so he needs to get on the ball. Maybe tomorrow I'll head that way after I get the boys off to school... I would think we could knock it out in a good long day - it's really not that bad. A couple of hours to move furniture and boxes and a few more for cleaning - then we'll be out of there for good. We'll see... I'll call him later and see what he has in mind. I hate him being away. I didn't get to sleep until after 5:30 am! Now I'm zonked and woozy!