Monday, April 30, 2007

Back home again!!

Well, I survived and I can say that Ireland is not anywhere that I'd really ever want to go to again - at least not without someone who's interests are more similar to mine. First of all, the food was awful - I've never been a big fan of English/British food, and that's what you find in Ireland. There were 3 or 4 days where the only thing I ate was the Corn Flakes and maybe fruit at breakfast. Occasionally we picked up some snacks from the store and that was alright. Overall, though, NOT impressed.

There were some cool sights... Ireland is very green! The pastures are divided by either hedgerows or stacked stone fences which is pretty cool... and they do have religious ruins and castles and stuff you just don't see over here - but you can only look at so many sheep before they become boring. I think that 4 days would have been plenty for me.

The very best day I had was the day we went up to Belfast and had the step on guide take us through the city... he drove us down Shangle Road and up through Falls Road, explained the difference between the Loyalists and the Republicans and talked about the wars and the "peace wall". That was fascinating to me and I could have spent days there! Guess B's love of history is rubbing off on me - that's not a bad thing.

Just over a week until my eval at NCCRM!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Off to Ireland!

Well, we leave tomorrow for Ireland. Everyone says that I should be so excited, but I guess I'm not - never really wanted to go to Ireland, but it's something to do and the price was right! Actually what I'm looking forward to the MOST is that I get to begin stims very shorty after my return. Sad, huh?? But everything is about "Operation Baby" now... it's become the central focus of my life. I want this so badly that it's hard to think of much else.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Moving up in May...

So, yesterday I called NCCRM and talked to the nurse because I suddenly realized that the date I'm supposed to go up there for my initial check is one of the days that I'm scheduled to work at Cross Creek. I told her that I couldn't come on the 11th, so she asked about the 10th; "nope, not then either." "Well, what about the 9th." Yes, that date will work for me, so I'll be going up there on Wednesday now instead of Friday. I'm hoping that this will mean that I'll start my stim injections on Wednesday because that will move retrieval and, therefore, transfer up by 2 days also - meaning that I might actually get to be there! I know that R wants me to be there with her and will be very disappointed if I have to leave for OBLC before they do the transfer, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Today I got a call from a pharmacy wanting "verification of payment" for "medications for your surrogate". I guess that means that NCCRM finished the revisions to our schedule since she's ordered R's drugs. She couldn't give me an exact total, but it's around $1,100 (OUCH!). Thank God we're getting a tax return is all I can say! I need to sell the Harley, too, and make this easier on all of us!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Interesting conversations

Well... today started out nicely. I had my appointment at the spa for my pampering, courtesy of my dh. i had to leave at the crack of dawn since the spa was all the way in Chapel Hill and I was supposed to arrive by 9am. I suppose I was fortunate to have arrived at all as Google's directions lacked a certain crucial turn that nearly got me lost... fortunately Goldston is a tiny town and the few roads all seem to lead to the same place - LOL. At any rate, I made it just in time and spent the day being massaged and lotioned. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed today's pedicure... enough that I might actually consider having another one at some point. As is my norm, when I got my hair cut today I had the stylist blow it out straight. B had never seen me with straight hair. I wasn't at all sure that he'd like it...

But instead, he tells me that my hair "looks better that way." Well... what the hell am I supposed to do with that? I've never mastered the art of straightening my own hair; it even takes the stylist 30 minutes to get my hair dried. If I could take my scalp/hair off, I could manage it a lot more efficiently! I'll look for a huge brush and give it a shot on occasion... just to please my baby.

The embryologist from NCCRM called back this afternoon - we've been playing tag for 2 days. We had a discussion about PGD. I was trying to determine if it is going to be worth the $4,800 that it costs. Surprisingly enough, Dr. H advised against it. We have no history of failed pregnancy, no known family history of genetic disease... he said that a retrieval of 12 eggs would be good for a woman my age. It would be great if 9 of them are mature and 7 of them fertilize. Then, some of them will likely fail to develop. He says if we opt for PGD that we'll be lucky to get 1 or 2 viable, healthy embryos. So... forget PGD.

I also spoke with a woman today that I "met" on SMO. Her surro is currently 9 wks pregnant with twins and just happens to work at the same hospital as R. At any rate, she originally worked with NCCRM - she failed to stim on their protocol and was up to 900 units of Follistim daily (which she says cost her about $6,000 out of pocket). After a failed transfer, she switched to an RE in Virginia (which is where she lives). That RE told her that dosages over 400 units of Follistim are not beneficial and, in fact, the excess is just excreted in the urine, so it was a huge waste for her. She says that I'll likely do fine since I've had success with NCCRM's stim protocol in the past as an ED (she had never been stimmed before), but she did want me to be aware of the upper dosing limit on the Follistim so that I would question any orders to increase my dosage substantially. I looked online tonight, and the largest dose that has been safely tested is 300 units. Hopefully it won't become an issue... I want this to go smoothly :) But, then, don't we all.

She said that they got 12 eggs from her and about 1/2 of them fertilized; only 3 lived and they transferred on day 3 because they weren't sure that the embryos would make it to day 5 in vitro; K is currently pregnant with twins. I'm hoping that we can transfer on day 5. That is more likely to increase our chances of success than PGD at any rate. And, will be a lot less expensive. However, if in her shoes, where they don't feel that the embryos will make it to day 5, we'll transfer at day 3and just hope for the best.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Day 3

Well, it's day 3 on BCPs and I haven't (yet) felt the urge to murder anyone! LOL In fact the boys and I have gotten along wonderfully this weekend - B is back in Goldsboro packing (I hope) the last of his belongings. I spent 3 days there with him last week and managed to get most of it loaded up. He says that his neighbor came over yesterday morning and they moved all of the furniture downstairs. He went around last night pulling out nails/picture hangars and covering the holes with paint (doing it the cheap and easy way... that's my baby!). Seems like all that's left is to load up a U-Haul and do a final cleaning. He just won't tell me when he wants to do it. I don't have a lot of free time before I go to Ireland, so he needs to get on the ball. Maybe tomorrow I'll head that way after I get the boys off to school... I would think we could knock it out in a good long day - it's really not that bad. A couple of hours to move furniture and boxes and a few more for cleaning - then we'll be out of there for good. We'll see... I'll call him later and see what he has in mind. I hate him being away. I didn't get to sleep until after 5:30 am! Now I'm zonked and woozy!