Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The P2 predicament

Today was my progesterone draw - this morning started out with a bang -

The fertility nurse wrote P2 on the lab form; the lab tech didn't know what a P2 is - I explained that they wanted a progesterone level; he wasn't sure... Guess he didn't believe that I knew what I was talking about. So, he called his lab - according to them, a P2 is an entire group of tests, including all the different types of hepatitis, etc. He was unable to verify what was requested because neither of the usual fertility nurses were available at 8:15am. Of course, this happened on one of the few days that I actually have to work this month!!

So, in the end, he drew about 8 tubes of blood and was going to hold them until he was able to verify what was being requested. I didn't realize this was rocket science! Amazingly enough, I managed to make it to work on time! I was rather surprised. Hopefully the level will indicate that I've ovulated, and I can start BCPs next week!! We're on our way!