Thursday, March 8, 2007

A little bad news, a little good news and a lot of prayer

After much effort, I finally got my progesterone level back (at 4pm) - it was 1.04. Apparently that isn't high enough for them to be confident that I've ovulated, so they want me to repeat the test on Monday. The nurse seemed a bit surprised that they were delaying the retest for 5 days, but I assume that they know what they're doing...

R had her psych eval on Tuesday and apparently passed with flying colors. The only thing we're really waiting on now is my progesterone, then we can start the cycle. Hopefully we won't be delayed too long by my lab results. If all goes well, we should be transferring mid to late April. That will be an exciting and exceedingly stressful time, praying the embies stick and waiting to find out for sure... Then the next 8 weeks which hold the highest possibility of miscarriage... I figure, if we make it to 12 weeks, then we're virtually home free.

Here's to healthy twins on the first attempt!! (might as well be optimistic, huh?)